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202 BIO-1, 32 Soyanggangro, Chuncheon, Gangwon, 200-957, KOREA. (Old)
202 Hi-Tech Venture Town, 32 Soyanggangro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do 24232, KOREA. (New)
TEL: +821028404002
FAX: +82332586115
e-mail: ichungdo@gmail.com 

 Incheon International Airport

- By bus; A limousine bus is available from the station of Incheon International Airport 8A District.
              It takes approximately 180 minutes to arrive at the Office of Education by Bus.

-By train; Proceed to cheongryangri station taking a bus from the airport, and then take a train
               bound for Chuncheon.

 Yangyang International Airport

By bus; Proceed to the Yangyang cross-country terminal taking a taxi from the Yangyang airport, and 
               then take a bus to Chuncheon, or you can take a bus to Gangreung from the airport, and then 
               take a bus to  Chuncheon at the Gangreung cross-country bus terminal.